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Rape myth acceptance: Exploration of its structure and its measurement using the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale.
Abstract A series of six studies were conducted to explore the structure underlying rape myths and to develop the 45-itemIllinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale(“IRMA”). In the first study, 604Expand
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Rape Myths
Theories of sexual aggression and victimization have increasingly emphasized the role of rape myths in the perpetuation of sexual assault. Rape myths are attitudes and generally false beliefs aboutExpand
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The incidence and dimensions of sexual harassment in academia and the workplace.
Abstract Although only recently reaching public and scholarly awareness as an important issue, the sexual harassment of women workers and students has been a problem for as long as women have workedExpand
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Attitudinal antecedents of rape myth acceptance: A theoretical and empirical reexamination.
M. R. Burt (1980) concluded that acceptance of rape myths was strongly related to adversarial sexual beliefs, tolerance of interpersonal violence, and gender role stereotyping. However, the scalesExpand
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Measuring Sexual Harassment: Theoretical and Psychometric Advances
This article describes a program of research designed to yield a conceptually grounded, psychometrically sound instrument for assessing the incidence and prevalence of sexual harassment in theExpand
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Antecedents and consequences of sexual harassment in organizations: a test of an integrated model.
Sexual harassment of women in organizational settings has recently become a topic of interest to researchers and the general public alike. Although numerous studies document its frequency, theExpand
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The Career Psychology of Women
Summarizing literature from the twenty-year-old field of women's career development, this book brings scholars and professionals up-to-date in their understanding of the factors influencing women'sExpand
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No Safe Haven: Male Violence Against Women at Home, at Work, and in the Community
The Culture and Context of Male Violence Against Women Understanding the Perpetrator and the Victim - Who Abuses and Who is Abused? The Prevalence of Intimate Violence - Physical and PsychologicalExpand
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Sexual harassment. Violence against women in the workplace.
Sexual harassment has been a fixture of the workplace since women first began to work outside the home. Although true epidemiological studies do not exist, large-scale surveys of working womenExpand
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Job-related and psychological effects of sexual harassment in the workplace: empirical evidence from two organizations.
Previous evidence regarding the outcomes of sexual harassment in the workplace has come mainly from self-selected samples or analogue studies or those using inadequate measures. The sexual harassmentExpand
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