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Experiments and observations on food consumption, growth and starvation in Dendrochirus brachypterus and Pterois volitans (Pteroinae, Scorpaenidae)
  • L. Fishelson
  • Environmental Science, Biology
    Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 1 December 1997
Experiments with naive adult lionfish showed that their selection of prey species is a learned process, vital to survival during growth during growth in the prey-fishes' rich habitat of coral reefs.
Whole-body protochordate regeneration from totipotent blood cells.
This protochordate colonial organism may serve as an in vivo model system for studying morphogenesis and differentiation by shedding more light on the controversy of the "stem cell" vs. the "dedifferentiation" theories of regeneration and pattern formation.
Testis structure, spermatogenesis, spermatocytogenesis, and sperm structure in cardinal fish (Apogonidae, Perciformes)
The testes in all 16 of the studied cardinal fish species are shown to be bilobed, with spermatogonia dispersed throughout the gametogenic epithelium of the seminiferous tubules, and back-calculations of serial sections reveal that within the sPermatocysts the sperMatogonia undergo eight generations of mitotic divisions before the first and second meiotic divisions and formation of sper matids.
Ecology of the northern Red Sea crinoids and their Epi- and Endozoic fauna
Fourteen crinoid species are found along the coral reefs of the northern Red Sea that form aggregations of different species at various depths, and the occurrence of Indo-West Pacific and Mediterranean commensals on the same crinoids in the Gulf of Aqaba is of special interest.
Littoral fauna of the Red Sea: the population of non-scleractinian anthozoans of shallow waters of the Red Sea (Eilat)
Observations lead to the conclusion that several of the sea anemones and alcyonarians can act, under certain conditions, as factors limiting the development of hermatypic corals.
Biology of Surgeonfish Acanthurus-nigrofuscus with emphasis on changeover in diet and annual gonadal cycles
In female post-spawned gonads, cysts of spermatogonia appear and remain until renewed normal activity in February-March, and Histological evidence and possible explanation of this phenomenon are provided.
Marine animal assemblages along the littoral of the Israeli Mediterranean seashore: The Red‐Mediterranean Seas communities of species
Compared with faunal descriptions of the Israeli Mediterranean Sea benthos from the 1970s, two phenomena are now prominent: an increase of Red Sea immigrant species, and a drastic decline of biodiversity and species richness in several polluted sites, induced by anthropogenic stress.
Some aspects of the reproductive biology ofBarbus spp.,Capoeta damascina and their hybrids (Cyprinidae, Teleostei) in Israel
The reproductive biology and gonad cycle of three Cyprinid fish species in the upper Jordan River system of Israel were studied by monthly sampling over a two-year period, finding the reproductive activity of the three species to peak from January to April.