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Newcastle City Council and the grassroots: accountability and budgeting under austerity
Purpose - – The purpose of this paper is to shed light on new accountability relationships between Newcastle City Council (NCC) and its citizens and stakeholders in the wake of the BritishExpand
Accountability and Transparency in English Local Government: Moving from ‘Matching Parts’ to ‘Awkward Couple’?
Although excessive transparency and accountability demands can have a counterproductive effect on organisational performance (Bovens, 2005), longstanding hierarchical accountability structures toExpand
New development: Corporatization of local authorities in England in the wake of austerity 2010–2016
Abstract A key institutional driver of current reforms within English local government is ‘alternative service delivery’. Our review of councils’ annual accounts between 2010/11 and 2016/17 suggestsExpand
Budgeting and governing for deficit reduction in the UK public sector: act one 'the Comprehensive Spending Review'
After the 2008 financial crisis, recession and subsequent collapse in government revenues, the UK's public deficit reached levels not seen since the Second World War. It had to deal with gearing byExpand
Public value, institutional logics and practice variation during austerity localism at Newcastle City Council
ABSTRACT This article outlines how a local authority, Newcastle City Council (NCC), employed a public value strategy to address austerity localism. Borrowing from neo-institutional theory, it tracesExpand
Using management control to understand public sector corporate governance changes: Localism, public interest, and enabling control in an English local authority
Within the context of recent post-localism developments in the English local government, this paper aims to show, first, how management controls have become more enabling in response to changes inExpand
Corporatization in the Public Sector: Explaining the Growth of Local Government Companies
The creation of companies by local governments to provide public services—referred to as “corporatization”—is an example of systemic public entrepreneurship that is popular across the world. To buildExpand
A ‘panoptical’ or ‘synoptical’ approach to monitoring performance? Local public services in England and the widening accountability gap
This article highlights how recent reforms to the auditing and assessment of local public services in England suggest there will be a shift from panoptical to ‘synoptical’ monitoring approaches. ThisExpand
Budgeting and governing for deficit reduction in the UK public sector: act three ‘accountability and audit arrangements’
This paper explains how the UK central government has changed accountability and audit arrangements for local government in England, while retaining its approach to setting annual budgets within theExpand
Institutional Entrepreneurship, Practice Memory, and Cultural Memory: Choice and Creativity in the Pursuit of Endogenous Change of Local Authority Budgeting
This paper explores how a lower government organisation can act as an institutional entrepreneur. It builds on recent public sector budgeting research that identified the endogenisation of budgetExpand