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Brazil’s new president and ‘ruralists’ threaten Amazonia’s environment, traditional peoples and the global climate
Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil’s new president) and “ruralists” (large landholders and their representatives) have initiated a series of measures that threaten Amazonia’s environment and traditional peoples,Expand
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Forest Fragments Surrounded by Sugar Cane Are More Inhospitable to Terrestrial Amphibian Abundance Than Fragments Surrounded by Pasture
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in matrix-type influence on forest fragments. Terrestrial amphibians are good bioindicators for this kind of research because of low vagility andExpand
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The matrix effect: how agricultural matrices shape forest fragment structure and amphibian composition
Aim Habitat loss and fragmentation are considered the main drivers of species population declines and extinctions in the world. The large-scale replacement of natural habitats with human-modifiedExpand
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Defensive behaviour in Aplastodiscus leucopygius (Cruz and Peixoto, 1985) (Anura: Hylidae)
Defensive behaviour in amphibians is diverse, exhibiting a variety of postures and strategies to avoid a predation event. Over the course of fieldwork conducted in southern Minas Gerais, Brazil, weExpand
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Age estimation by measuring open apices in teeth: a new formula for two samples of South African black and white children
In this cross-sectional study, the accuracy of Cameriere’s European formula was tested and a new specific model was developed for two samples of black and white South African children with known ageExpand
The Amazon: biofuels plan will drive deforestation
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Behaviour of woven hybrid basalt-carbon/epoxy composites subjected to laser shock wave testing: Preliminary results
Abstract This study addresses the effect of basalt fibre hybridization on the damage tolerance of carbon/epoxy laminates subjected to laser shock wave tests. Interply hybrid specimens with twoExpand
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Stocks of Carbon in Logs and Timber Products from Forest Management in the Southwestern Amazon
Amazon forest management plans have a variety of effects on carbon emissions, both positive and negative. All of these effects need to be quantified to assess the role of this land use in climateExpand