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The E3 ligase RNF8 regulates KU80 removal and NHEJ repair
This work shows that RNF168 acts with the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 13 and specifically synthesizes Lys63-linked chains, whereas RNF8 primarily forms Lys48- linked chains on chromatin, which promote substrate degradation, and regulates the abundance of the nonhomologous end-joining repair protein KU80 at sites of DNA damage. Expand
RIF1 Counteracts BRCA1-mediated End Resection during DNA Repair*
RIF1 protein translocates to damage sites via ATM-dependent 53BP1 phosphorylation and has a secondary role in promoting BLM function in DNA repair, revealing that RIF1 antagonizes BRCA1, functions in DNA end protection, and prevents homologous recombination repair. Expand
Rate of Gas Phase Association of Hydroxyl Radical and Nitrogen Dioxide
The result is a significantly more precise value of the rate constant for the HONO2 formation channel, 9.2 (±0.4) × 10−12 cm3 molecule−1 s−1 (1 SD) at 760 torr of air, which lies toward the lower end of the previously established range. Expand
MERIT40 facilitates BRCA1 localization and DNA damage repair.
This study reveals that a stable complex containing MERIT40 acts early in DNA damage response and regulates damage-dependent BRCA1 localization. Expand
Effects of dietary arginine supplementation on growth performance, flesh quality, muscle antioxidant capacity and antioxidant-related signalling molecule expression in young grass carp
Arginine improved the flesh quality and muscle antioxidant capacity and regulated antioxidant-related signalling molecule expression in the muscle of young grass carp and significantly enhanced glutathione content and gene expression in muscle. Expand
Characterization of the topology and functional domains of RKTG.
It is suggested that RKTG is a type III membrane protein with its N-terminus facing the cytosol and multiple sequences are responsible for its localization at the Golgi apparatus and Raf-1 interaction. Expand
Auto cropping for digital photographs
Experimental results and user studies show that the proposed approach to the nearly untouched problem, still photograph auto cropping is effective and accurate in most cases, and can be used in many practical multimedia applications. Expand
Poly-ADP ribosylation of PTEN by tankyrases promotes PTEN degradation and tumor growth.
ADP-ribosylation is reported as a new post-translational modification of PTEN and highlighted a role for tankyrases in the PTEN-AKT pathway that can be explored further for cancer treatment. Expand
Polo-like kinase 3 regulates CtIP during DNA double-strand break repair in G1
Plk3 phosphorylates CtIP in G1 in a damage-inducible manner and is required with CtIP for the repair of complex double-strand breaks and regulation of resection-mediated end-joining pathways.
Comparative genomic analysis of the WRKY III gene family in populus, grape, arabidopsis and rice
The expression pattern of PtrWRKYIII gene identified that these genes play important roles in the xylem during poplar growth and development, and may play crucial role in defense to drought stress. Expand