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MicroRNA-936 induces cell cycle arrest and inhibits glioma cell proliferation by targeting CKS1.
In vivo studies revealed that increased levels of miR-936 delayed the growth of tumors, suggesting that mir- 936 may act as a glioma suppressor by targeting CKS1. Expand
Corrosion Resistances of Steel Pipes Internally Coated with Enamel
The corrosion resistances of enamel-coated steel pipe in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution was evaluated and compared with those of epoxy-coated pipe using open-circuit potential, linear polarization resistance,Expand
Notes on the Dacinae of southern China (Diptera: Tephritidae).
A 10-year survey, using host fruit sampling and male lure trapping methods, has detected 18 species of Bactrocera Macquart and Dacus Fabricius in southern China, of which four are of major economic importance. Expand
The effect of crystal orientation on the aluminum anodes of the aluminum–air batteries in alkaline electrolytes
Abstract Recently, aluminum–air (Al–air) batteries have received attention from researchers as an exciting option for safe and efficient batteries. The electrochemical performance of Aluminum anodeExpand
Enzymatic Pretreatment and Microwave Extraction of Asiaticoside from Centella asiatica
The results indicate that the optimum extraction condition was as follows: liquid to solid ratio was 36mL/g, temperature of enzyme pretreatment was 45℃, enzymatic time was 30min, and microwave radiation time was 11. Expand
MicroRNA-1179 inhibits glioblastoma cell proliferation and cell cycle progression via directly targeting E2F transcription factor 5.
It is found that miR-1179 was significantly downregulated in glioma tissues and cell lines and negatively correlated with E2F5 messenger RNA (mRNA) levels in high-grade gliomas. Expand
Performance of fine structured aluminum anodes in neutral and alkaline electrolytes for Al-air batteries
Abstract Aluminum (Al) is an innovative anode material for metal-air batteries. But high corrosion rates and large polarization interfere with its commercial application. In the study reported inExpand
PBX3/MEK/ERK1/2/LIN28/let-7b positive feedback loop enhances mesenchymal phenotype to promote glioblastoma migration and invasion
Evidence favoring a role for the Pre-B-cell leukemia homebox (PBX) family member PBX3 inBrain invasion by glioblastoma determines recurrence and prognosis in patients, which is, in part, attributed to increased mesenchymal transition. Expand
The effect of grain size on aluminum anodes for Al–air batteries in alkaline electrolytes
Abstract Aluminum is an ideal material for metallic fuel cells. In this research, different grain sizes of aluminum anodes are prepared by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at room temperature.Expand