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Optical properties of graphene
Reflectance and transmittance of graphene in the optical region are analyzed as a function of frequency, temperature, and carrier density. We show that the optical graphene properties are determinedExpand
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Space-time dispersion of graphene conductivity
Abstract.We present an analytic calculation of the conductivity of pure graphene as a function of frequency ω, wave-vector k, and temperature for the range where the energies related to all theseExpand
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Optical far-infrared properties of a graphene monolayer and multilayer
We analyze the features of the graphene mono- and multilayer reflectance in the far-infrared region as a function of frequency, temperature, and carrier density taking the intraband conductance andExpand
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Electron-lattice kinetics of metals heated by ultrashort laser pulses
We propose a kinetic model of transient nonequilibrium phenomena in metals exposed to ultrashort laser pulses when heated electrons affect the lattice through direct electron-phonon interaction. ThisExpand
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Symmetry constraints on phonon dispersion in graphene
Abstract We calculate the phonon dispersion for graphene with interactions between the first, second, and third nearest neighbors in the framework of the Born–von Karman model taking into account theExpand
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PHYSICS OF OUR DAYS: Optical properties of graphene and IV-VI semiconductors
The frequency dispersion of the dynamic conductivity of graphene, of a multilayer graphene, and of IV–VI semiconductors is considered as a function of the temperature and carrier density in the rangeExpand
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Optical properties of doped graphene layers
The reflectance of a graphene monolayer, as well as of a system of monolayers, is calculated in the infrared range. A quantum expression for the conductivity in the collisionless regime that dependsExpand
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Phonon dispersion in graphene
Taking into account the constraints imposed by the lattice symmetry, we calculate the phonon dispersion for graphene with interactions between the first and second nearest neighbors. We show thatExpand
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Magneto-optics of monolayer and bilayer graphene
The optical conductivity of graphene and bilayer graphene in quantizing magnetic fields is studied. Both dynamical conductivities, longitudinal and Hall’s, are analytically evaluated. TheExpand
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Strain effect in silicon-on-insulator materials: Investigation with optical phonons
We report a detailed experimental and theoretical investigation of the effect of residual strain, and strain relaxation, which manifests itself at the Si/SiO2 interfaces in commercialExpand
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