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Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Biodiversity
■ Abstract The literature on effects of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity is huge. It is also very diverse, with different authors measuring fragmentation in different ways and, as a consequence,Expand
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Road Ecology: Science and Solutions
Road ecology is defined as using the science of ecology and landscape ecology to examine, understand, and address the interactions of roads and vehicles with their surrounding environment. This bookExpand
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Functional landscape heterogeneity and animal biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.
Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes can be increased with conversion of some production lands into 'more-natural'- unmanaged or extensively managed - lands. However, it remains unknown to whatExpand
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Landscape moderation of biodiversity patterns and processes ‐ eight hypotheses
Understanding how landscape characteristics affect biodiversity patterns and ecological processes at local and landscape scales is critical for mitigating effects of global environmental change. InExpand
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Rethinking patch size and isolation effects: the habitat amount hypothesis
I challenge (1) the assumption that habitat patches are natural units of measurement for species richness, and (2) the assumption of distinct effects of habitat patch size and isolation on speciesExpand
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Connectivity is a vital element of landscape structure
In a recent FORUM article, Dunning et al. (1992) put forward a framework of landscape processes that stimulated considerable discussion amongst us. We are in general agreement with their ideas, butExpand
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On the usage and measurement of landscape connectivity
This paper examines the usage and measurement of “landscape connectivity” in 33 recent studies. Connectivity is defined as the degree to which a landscape facilitates or impedes movement of organismsExpand
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How much habitat is enough
If conservation efforts are to be successful, it is critical that we understand the relationship between habitat loss and the probability of population extinction. Available evidence suggests aExpand
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Effects of Roads on Animal Abundance: an Empirical Review and Synthesis
The authors attempted a complete review of the empirical literature on effects of roads and traffic on animal abundance and distribution. They found 79 studies, with results for 131 species and 30Expand
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Relative Effects of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation on Population Extinction
In their review of the recent explosion of spatially explicit theory in ecology, Kareiva and Wennergren (1995) suggest a number of emerging principles for species conservation. One of theseExpand
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