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Hamiltonian methods in the theory of solitons
The Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation (NS Model).- Zero Curvature Representation.- The Riemann Problem.- The Hamiltonian Formulation.- General Theory of Integrable Evolution Equations.- Basic Examples
How algebraic Bethe ansatz works for integrable model
I study the technique of Algebraic Bethe Ansatz for solving integrable models and show how it works in detail on the simplest example of spin 1/2 XXX magnetic chain. Several other models are treated
Gauge fields, introduction to quantum theory
* Introduction: Fundamentals of Classical Gauge Field Theory * Quantum Theory in Terms of Path Integrals * Quantization of the Yang-Mills Field * Renormalization of Gauge Theories * Some Application
Strongly Coupled Quantum Discrete Liouville Theory.¶I: Algebraic Approach and Duality
Abstract: The quantum discrete Liouville model in the strongly coupled regime, 1 < c < 25, is formulated as a well defined quantum mechanical problem with unitary evolution operator. The theory is
Algebraic Aspects of the Bethe Ansatz
In this article an introduction to the algebraic aspects of the Bethe ansatz is given. The applications to the seminal spin 1/2 XXX model are discussed in detail and the generalization to higher spin