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Feynman Diagrams for the Yang-Mills Field
Abstract Feynman and De Witt showed, that the rules must be changed for the calculation of contributions from diagrams with closed loops in the theory of gauge invariant fields. They suggested also aExpand
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Asymptotic conditions and infrared divergences in quantum electrodynamics
A lecture is given on a paper by P Kulish and L. D. Faddeev Theor. Math. Phys. 4, 153 (1970). The motivations and results are briefly described. (JFP)
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Quantum Scattering Theory for Several Particle Systems
Introduction. 1. General Aspects of the Scattering Problem. 2. Stationary Approach to Scattering Theory. 3. The Method of Integral Equation. 4. Configuration Space. Neutral Particles. 5. ChargedExpand
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Spectrum and scattering of excitations in the one-dimensional isotropic Heisenberg model
The work gives a consistent and uniform exposition of all known results related to Heisenberg model. The classification of excitations is presented and their scattering is described both inExpand
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Operator anomaly for the gauss law
It is shown that a Schwinger term can appear in the commutation relations of constraints for the theory of the interacting Yang-Mills field and chiral fermions. Arguments are based on theExpand
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Hamiltonian Approach to Soliton Theory
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Increasing Solutions of the Schroedinger Equation
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