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What are We to do with our Lives?
  • L. F.
  • Political Science
  • 1932
THERE is nowadays scarcely an issue of NATURE which does not call upon scientific men to unite for ends beyond the specialised discussion of their own work. That the appeal does not entirely fail of
Collective Memory: Issues from a Sociohistorical Perspective
When we speak of collective memory, the term "collective" often indexes the notion that two or more people are involved. For psychologists, this typically means that the concern is with how groups
Emerging from the ‘worst’: An ethnography of the modern Filipino commuting culture behind the Metro Manila traffic crisis
Metropolitan Manila has become the world’s ‘worst’ in terms of its traffic scenarios and such crisis left an impact to the commuters which has led to the emergence of the modern Filipino commuting
P6.05 A sexual revolution in paradise ? indigenous youth and the digital age!
An overview of the peer-reviewed evidence on social media to inform consumers in sexual health with a particular focus on the Pacific youth context found five projects with significant social media coverage targeting the Indigenous Pacific population for sexual health promotion purposes meeting criteria.
It is the general view among competent scientists that the development of the social sciences as compared to the physical sciences is lagging behind.1 This state of affairs, however, does not
Science for Citizenship
ALL who are concerned about the gathering economic distresses of our time will welcome the growing conviction of the world of science, as evinced at the Leicester meeting of the British Association,