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In vitro and in vivo anti-Candida activity and toxicology of LY121019.
LY121019 (N-p-octyloxybenzoylechinocandin B nucleus) is a semisynthetic antifungal antibiotic that possesses potent anti-Candida activity and caused severe damage to the C. albicans cell.
Isolation and Purification of Protein Granules from Escherichia coli Cells Overproducing Bovine Growth Hormone
High-level expression of bovine growth hormone in Escherichia coli results in the formation of distinct cytoplasmic granules that are visible with the phase-contrast microscope. These granules were
Virus-like Particles of a Fraction of Statolon, a Mould Product
Elucidation of the physical characteristics of statolon has recently been extended by means of centrifugation on sucrose density gradients and electron microscopic studies and it was found that it was possible to avoid aggregation if sodium chloride was added to theGradients and if the pH was kept near 9.5.
Interferon Stimulation by a Double Stranded RNA of a Mycophage in Statolon Preparations
Electron microscopy showed that particles are present only in the particulate fraction of statolon, and double stranded RNAs have so far been found only in viruses or in cells infected with RNA virus were not found.
Electron Microscopy of Pseudomonas φ6 Bacteriophage
φ6 bacteriophage from Pseudomonas phaseolicola has a pleomorphic shape due to an outer layer of lipid. This layer was removed with organic solvents or sodium dodecyl sulfate revealing a 50-nm cubic
On the mycophage of Penicillium chrysogenum.
A mycovirus has been purified from mycelia of Penicillium chrysogenum by isopycnic centrifugation in sucrose and in CsCl. Viral particles band with a buoyant density of 1.20 in sucrose and 1.38 in ...
Purification and physical properties of mycophage PS1.
Summary Mycophage PS 1, produced by the mould Penicillium stoloniferum, was concentrated and purified by zonal centrifugation or by a combination of isopropanol precipitation and zonal
Differentition of mutants of Cephalosporium acremonium in complex medium: the formation of unicellular arthrospores and their germination.
An inverse relation was observed between the growth rates of the mutants and their ability to synthesize cephalosporin C: each mutant produced more antibiotic but grew more slowly than its parent strain.
Evaluation of Antibiotic Efficacy Using Electron Microscopy: Morphological Effects of Guanylureido Cephalosporin, Chlorobenzoylureido Cephalosporin, BL-P1654, and Carbenicillin on Pseudomonas
The response of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to carbenicillin, BL-P1654, and two cephalosporins (112384 and 112883) was evaluated by minimal inhibitory concentration determinations, [14C]leucine uptake