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Constraints between equations of state and mass-radius relations in general clusters of stellar systems
In this article we prove three obstruction results on the existence of equations of state in clusters of stellar systems fulfilling mass-radius relationships and some additional bound (on the mass,Expand
On Maximal, Universal and Complete Extensions of Yang-Mills-Type Theories
In this paper we continue the program on the classification of extensions of the Standard Model of Particle Physics started in arXiv:2007.01660. We propose four complementary questions to beExpand
On Extensions of Yang-Mills-Type Theories, Their Spaces and Their Categories
In this paper we consider the classification problem of extensions of Yang-Mills-type (YMT) theories. For us, a YMT theory differs from the classical Yang-Mills theories by allowing an arbitraryExpand
Existence and classification of pseudo-asymptotic solutions for Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff systems
The Tolman--Oppenheimer--Volkoff (TOV) equations are a partially uncoupled system of nonlinear and non-autonomous ordinary differential equations which describe the structure of isotropic sphericallyExpand