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Minor alkaloids of Glaucium flavum
Abstract The new aporphine base, dihydropontevedrine, has been found in an ethanol extract of Glaucium flavum along with a number of known alkaloids, some of which were isolated for the first timeExpand
Alkaloids of Corydalis slivenensis.
Two other alkaloids - (+)-tetrahydrocorysamine and (-)-cavidine, were identified on the basis of their spectral data. Expand
Alkaloids from Corydalis bulbosa.
A new 4,5-dioxoaporphine, named corydione, was isolated from the whole herb of Corydalis bulbosa (L.) Dc (Papaveraceae) and one minor alkaloid Cb-4, uncompletely identified, was described. Expand
Alkaloids from Corydalis marschalliana
The alkaloids dehydronantsenine, (+)-nantenine and oxonantenine were isolated for the first time from this plant and the spectral data of these alkaloid are given. Expand
[Alkaloid Content of Thalictrum minus from the Slavjanka Mountains.].
In Thalictrum minus plants, collected in the Slavjanka Mountains, the alkaloids thalmelatine, thalipine, ocoteine, berberine, thalicarpine and glaucine were quantitatively determined by HPLC.