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Mode of Occupation of Tabun Cave, Mt Carmel, Israel During the Mousterian Period: A Study of the Sediments and Phytoliths
Alternative modes of occupation of Tabun Cave during the deposition of the Mousterian Levels B and C have been proposed. Garrod & Bate (1937, Excavations at the Wady El-Mughara, Volume 1. Oxford:Expand
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Crystal Growth of Calcium Carbonate in Hydrogels as a Model of Biomineralization
In recent years, the prevalence of hydrogel-like organic matrices in biomineralization has gained attention as a route to synthesizing a diverse range of crystalline structures. Here, examples ofExpand
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Ultrasmooth organic-inorganic perovskite thin-film formation and crystallization for efficient planar heterojunction solar cells.
To date, there have been a plethora of reports on different means to fabricate organic-inorganic metal halide perovskite thin films; however, the inorganic starting materials have been limited toExpand
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Multivalency in Ligand Design
We define rnultivakncy to be the operation of multiple molecular recognition events of the same kind occurring simultaneously between two entities (molecules , molecular aggregates, viruses, cells,Expand
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Thermally Induced Structural Evolution and Performance of Mesoporous Block Copolymer-Directed Alumina Perovskite Solar Cells
Structure control in solution-processed hybrid perovskites is crucial to design and fabricate highly efficient solar cells. Here, we utilize in situ grazing incidence wide-angle X-ray scattering andExpand
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Evaluation of strengthening mechanisms in calcite single crystals from mollusk shells.
Biogenic single-crystal calcite is often reported to be harder and tougher than geologic calcite in the form of Iceland spar. However, the mechanistic origins of the superior mechanical properties ofExpand
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Water gelation by small organic molecules.
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