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Internet and society: a preliminary report
[Editor's note: This study is based on data on a panel of households recruited as a random telephone sample of the U.S. population. In order to use the Internet for the purpose of efficientExpand
Front-Page News and Real-World Cues: A New Look at Agenda-Setting by the Media
Research on the agenda-setting role of the news media has often been guided by a rather narrow conception of how media content affects members of the public. In particular, reliance on aExpand
Type-Set Politics: Impact of Newspapers on Public Confidence *
This study combines survey data from the 1974 American National Election Study with the front-page content of 94 newspapers in an investigation of the relationship between the degree of negativeExpand
Individuals and Social Structure
Treatments of contextual effects in the social science literature have traditionally focused on statistical phenomena more than on social processes. Typically, the existence of contextual processesExpand
A report on a survey of teleconferencing users.
Individuals Writ Large: An Epilogue on the “Ecological Fallacy”
For more than three decades, social scientists have struggled with the statistical consequences of aggregation. Ever since Robinson (1950) first shocked a whole generation of social scientists withExpand
Contextual Effects as Endogenous Feedback
compatible with the notion of modeling individual outcomes as a result of group processes (endogenous feedback). Methods for consistent parameter estimation in endogenous feedback models areExpand