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New national and regional bryophyte records, 29
New national and regional bryophyte records, 29 L T Ellis, S Akhoondi Darzikolaei, S Shirzadian, V A Bakalin, H BednarekOchyra, R Ochyra, D Claro, M V Dulin, P M Eckel, P Erzberger, R Eziz, MExpand
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New national and regional bryophyte records, 28
Fil: Suarez, Guillermo Martin. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas. Centro Cientifico Tecnologico Conicet - Tucuman; Argentina. Universidad Nacional de Tucuman; Argentina
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Syrrhopodon Schwägr. (Calymperaceae, Musci) in India and adjacent regions
An annotated, illustrated synopsis and key for the identification of some 20 taxa belonging to Syrrhopodon Schwägr., which have been recorded as occurring in India and adjacent regions is presentedExpand
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Bryophyte flora of Uganda. 7. Calymperaceae and Octoblepharaceae
Shoots erect or creeping. Leaves linear, lingulate, ligulate or lanceolate; costa strong, incorporating stereids and guide cells and/or hyaline cells, often with a superficial layer of chlorophylloseExpand
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A taxonomic revision of Calymperes in southern India and neighbouring islands
AbstractThe fourteen species of Calymperes occurring in southern India and neighouring islands are described and their relationships discussed. Syrrhopodon subgenus Heliconema is raised to genericExpand
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Taxonomic notes on the family Calymperaceae (Musci)
Abstract Calymperes subintegrum Broth. in J. Schmidt is newly recorded for Sri Lanka. A form of Syrrhopodon confertus Lac. with leaves showing some similarities to those of Exostratum is describedExpand
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A revision of some old world moss taxa in the Syrrhopodon prolifer complex (Musci: Calymperaceae), and a new species from Malawi
Abstract Alterations are made to the status of several Old World taxa included within Syrrhopodon prolifer Schwägr. sensu lato. Syrrhopodon albidus Thwaites & Mitt., S. apertifolius Besch., S.Expand
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Further taxonomic studies on the families Calymperaceae (Musci) and Orthotrichaceae (Musci) in the bryoflora of Réunion Island, with notes on taxa from other islands in the western Indian Ocean
The systematics and geographical distribution of some taxa in the moss families Calymperaceae and Orthotrichaceae that occur in Reunion and neighbouring islands are revised. In the familyExpand
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New national and regional bryophyte records, 44
Syntrichia norvegica is a circumpolar arctic- montane species (Smith, 2004), rare at lower altitudes and in southern Europe (Frey et al., 2006). It is known from several south-eastern EuropeanExpand
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New national and regional bryophyte records, 32
Ditrichum gracile was recorded in the locality Samarske stijene in the Velika Kapela Mt for first time in Croatia. Ditrichum gracile occured within forests of common spruce belonging to the communityExpand
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