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Contemplative Meditation and Neuroscience: Prospects for Mental Health
This paper argues that study of contemplative meditation for its therapeutic potential is warranted and suggests that its retention of a dialogical and transcendent praxis will additionally benefit social and existential psychotherapy.
Self-Deception in Terminal Patients: Belief System at Stake
The hypothesis that in cases of terminal illness, (self-)deceiving requires less effort than accepting the truth is supported, following the current psychological theories about this topic.
Identity and conflicts in the ethics of neural implants.
The iEMT articulates, firstly, that the co-extensivity of the mind and the world does not justify the dissolution of theMind in the objects of the external world with which the mind interacts, and the agent's mind is still part of his unique personal identity.
Paradoxes of Authenticity: A Neuroscientific Approach to Personal Identity
In this chapter the author employs Antonio Damasio’s frame about the three levels of the self in order to understand the general characteristics and dynamics of inauthentic experiences and its
Teleological markers: Seven lines of hypotheses around Dennett's theory of habits
Neuroscientists frequently use two folk psychology terms –self and consciousness– in formulating decision-making process models. According to Daniel Dennett, such notions lead them to dualistic view
Biotechnologies Inside the Self: New Challenges in Clinical Ontology
This study is framed within the objectives of Clinical Ontology, namely, the formulation of true, coherent and accessible discourses in order to help patients manage unavoidable and destructive
Cosmetic Psychopharmacology, Inauthentic Experiences, and the Instrumentalization of Human Faculties: Beyond Post-emotional Society
This chapter explores the phenomenon of inauthentic experiences as a negative consequence of the new trends in cosmetic psychopharmacology, concluding that they are also the psychological
Objectivity and human bioenhancement. The paradox of the natural
Para el transhumanismo, la humanidad es una etapa que, guiada por la evolucion biologica, estuvo precedida por otras anteriores y a la que seguiran otras nuevas. Segun el transhumanismo hemos de