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Sexual Shape and Size Dimorphism in Carabid Beetles of the Genus Ceroglossus: is Geometric Body Size Similar Between Sexes Due to Sex Ratio?
This study analyzes the occurrence of sexual shape dimorphism and the correlation between geometric body size in males and females and sex ratio in the genus Ceroglossus using geometric morphometrics and randomization analysis to propose that the observed differences between sexes associated with the sex ratio are due to an energy cost caused by sexual selection. Expand
A new genus and species of leaf miner (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) for Chile associated to the native tree Lithraea caustica
The uniqueness and importance of this new species of leaf miner for broadening the current knowledge on the Chilean fauna of Gracillariidae is emphasised. Expand
A New Species of Eupithecia (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from the Juan Fernández Islands
The egg, larva, pupa, adult, and genitalia of Eupithecia robinsoni sp. Expand
A new genus and a new species of Oecophyllembiinae (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) from Chile
The immature instars of A. tecomae are associated with Tecoma fulva G. Don in the Azapa valley, First Region, Chile and only the first instar larva is epidermic. Expand
Contribution to an understanding of the biology and the morphology of the early stages of a Neotropical larentine: Hagnagora vittata PHILIPPI, 1859 in Chile (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Geometridae)
Original data are presented on the insect’s food-plant in captivity, observations of the imago in the wild state, in addition to details on the morphology of the egg, the fifth instar larva and the pupa. Expand
Phylogeny and review of the genus Alyssomyia Hull, with descriptions of two new species (Diptera, Asilidae, Stenopogoninae, Enigmomorphini)
A phylogenetic analysis using 23 characters revealed that Alyssomyia is monophyletic and two new species, A. frayleana n. Expand
Phylogenetic study of the genera of Trichopterygini from Austral South American (Lepidoptera: Geometridae): a new classification
A new taxonomic order for Trichopterygini of the Andean Region of Southern South America is suggested, and species are more closely related to the genus Tatosoma from New Zealand, the synapomorphies that demonstrate this are: swollen metaepimeron and hypertrophy of the second abdominal segment. Expand