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Food Production and the Energy Crisis
The principal raw material of modern U.S. agriculture is fossil fuel, whereas the labor input is relatively small (about 9 hours per crop acre). As agriculture is dependent upon fossil energy, cropExpand
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An ecological study of a natural population of diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys t. terrapin) in a Delaware salt marsh
A two-year study of a population of the northernediamondback terrapin (Malaclemys t. terrapin) was undertaken in a salt marsh in Delaware. Population size estimates based on markrelease-recaptureExpand
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Development in an estuarine fouling community: The influence of early colonists on later arrivals
SummaryExperiments were performed to determine if earlier colonists inhibited, enhanced, or were necessary for establishment of later colonists during development of an estuarine fouling community atExpand
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Hatch Density Variation of a Generalist Arthropod Predator: Population Consequenes and Community Impact
We examined density dependence in population attributes and community impact of a generalist predator by experimentally mimicking natural variation in initial cohort densities produced by synchronousExpand
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Top-down cascade from a bitrophic predator in an old-field community
We tested the hypothesis that a bitrophic (third and fourth level) arthropod predator can exert a cascading, top—down influence on other arthropods and plants in an early successional old field.Expand
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Experimental density manipulations of the predator Tenodera, sinensis (Orthoptera: Mantidae) in an old-field community. I: Mortality, development and dispersal of juvenile mantids
(1) Field and laboratory experiments were carried out to examine the effects of density on early life-history characteristics of the mantid, Tenodera sinensis. (2) For three replicated fieldExpand
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The praying mantids.
Ancient, medieval and early modern writings about mantids - shaping contemporary questions taxonomy population and community ecology the ecology and foraging strategy of Tenodera angustipennis matingExpand
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First Identification of a Putative Sex Pheromone in a Praying Mantid
Praying mantids are models for a wide variety of behavioral, physiological, and ecological studies, and sex pheromones have been assumed to be important components of their biology. However, noExpand
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Disturbance, coral reef communities, and changing ecological paradigms
We examine changing ecological theory regarding the role of disturbance in natural communities and relate past and emerging paradigms to coral reefs. We explore the elements of this theory, includingExpand
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Stability and Diversity at Three Trophic Levels in Terrestrial Successional Ecosystems
An ecosystem perturbation experiment in which inorganic fertilizer was added to two successional old fields of different ages indicated that stability, expressed as resistance to modification byExpand
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