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Nuptial gifts and sexual behavior in two species of spider (Araneae, Trechaleidae, Paratrechalea)
Male delivering of a prey packed in silk as a nuptial gift is rare in spiders and restricted until now to Pisauridae. Here, we describe this behavioral pattern found in two Trechaleidae species,Expand
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To feed or to wrap? Female silk cues elicit male nuptial gift construction in a semiaquatic trechaleid spider
By wrapping prey and offering it as a nuptial gift, males can obtain mating and/or parental benefits despite some costs. Males of the Neotropical semiaquatic spider Paratrechalea ornataExpand
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Sexual dimorphism in chelicerae size in three species of nuptial-gift spiders: a discussion of possible functions and driving selective forces
Positive allometric patterns observed for intersexual signalling characters are related to directional sexual selection, and supported by theoretical and empirical data. Recent models have shown thatExpand
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Reproductive interference between two sibling species of gift-giving spiders
We investigated the possibility of reproductive interference between two sibling spider species, Paratrechalea azul and Paratrechalea ornata, which occur syntopically and reproduce synchronously.Expand
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Negative effects of prolonged dietary restriction on male mating effort: nuptial gifts as honest indicators of long-term male condition
The handicap principle proposes that sexual signals must be costly to be honest. Honesty may be maintained by the costs paid by honest signallers or by the potential costs of cheating. In the latter,Expand
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Sexual Selection in Neotropical Spiders: Examples from Selected Groups
Spiders have long been noted as classic examples of sexual behavior among arachnids, including extreme sexual dimorphism in some groups, and behavioral adaptations to diverse mating patterns. InExpand
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