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Looking forward through the past: Identification of 50 priority research questions in palaeoecology
Summary 1. Priority question exercises are becoming an increasingly common tool to frame future agendas in conservation and ecological science. They are an effective way to identify research fociExpand
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The first Cenozoic spinicaudatans from North America
Abstract. A new spinicaudatan species, Estherites? jocelynae new species, is described from more than fifty specimens collected from the Medicine Lodge Formation (early Oligocene) of the BeaverheadExpand
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A quantitative inference model for conductivity using non-marine ostracode assemblages on San Salvador Island, Bahamas: Paleosalinity records from two lakes
Abstract Quantitative records of past environments are needed to understand natural variability in ecosystems and their responses to climate change. Changes in ostracode assemblages through time canExpand
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Fossil and Recent meet Kempf Database
This chapter of the book The Recent and Fossil meet Kempf Database Ostracoda Festschrift Eugen Karl Kempf - Proceedings of the 15th International German Ostracodologists' Meeting contains a prefaceExpand
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Sand incursion into temperate (Lithuania) and tropical (the Bahamas) maritime vegetation: Georadar visualization of target-rich aeolian lithosomes
Abstract Interaction of windblown sand with maritime vegetation, either as dune migration or episodic grain transport is a common phenomenon along many sandy coasts. Vegetation introduces antecedentExpand
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