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Organism-Substrate Relationships in the Main Channel of the Lower Hudson River
As substrate suitability increased, communities contained more taxa, had higher biomasses, and were increasingly dominated by L. hoffmeisteri, resulting in a strong positive correlation between standing crop and taxonomic richness, and consistent diversity index values over a wide range of taxonomically richness.
Ripistes parasita (Schmidt) (Oligochaeta:Naididae), a Distinctive Oligochaete New to North America
Ripistes is a monospecific genus easily distinguished from other naidid worms by the bundles of extremely long capilliform chaetae on body segments VI-VIII, and its occurrence in New York State is the first record of the genus outside the Palearctic region.
New Record of Brachycercus Maculatus Berner (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae) From New York and a Key to Larvae of Northeastern Species
A regional key to the larvae of the four species of Brachycer­ cus now known to occur in New York, New England, and southern Quebec is provided to spur further study of the genus in the regio.