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PL-Grid: Foundations and Perspectives of National Computing Infrastructure
The Polish Grid Initiative commenced in 2009 and establishes a countrywide computing platform which supports scientific research through integration of experimental data and results of advanced computer simulations carried out by geographically distributed computer infrastructure and teams. Expand
Access cost estimation for unified grid storage systems
The results show that the access estimates provide a good basis for a replica management system to perform efficient replica selection and give details on access estimation of file replicas that reside on hierarchical storage systems. Expand
Interactive Cloud Data Farming Environment for Military Mission Planning Support
The data-farming infrastructure developed for the EUSAS project is discussed, allowing generation of large amount of data from agent based simulations for further analysis allowing soldier training and evaluation of possible outcomes of different rules of engagement. Expand
Challenges in QCD matter physics --The scientific programme of the Compressed Baryonic Matter experiment at FAIR
Abstract.Substantial experimental and theoretical efforts worldwide are devoted to explore the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter. At LHC and top RHIC energies, QCD matter is studied atExpand
Onedata - a Step Forward towards Globalization of Data Access for Computing Infrastructures
Onedata introduces new data organization concepts together with providers’ cooperation procedures that involve use of Global Registry as a mediator and the most significant features include metadata synchronization and on-demand file transfer. Expand
Optimization of Data Access for Grid Environment
The local optimization problems for efficient data access and estimation of data access time are discussed mainly, while the overall architecture for accessing data in the grid environment, developed for EU CrossGrid Project is presented. Expand
Development of Polish Infrastructure for Advanced Scientific Research - Status and Current Achievements
The way of building Polish NGI established for Polish scientists, allowing them to conduct interdisciplinary research on a national scale, and giving them transparent access to international grid resources via affiliated international grid infrastructures is presented. Expand
The BRAHMS experiment at RHIC
The BRAHMS experiment at RHIC was conceived to pursue the understanding of nuclear matter under extreme conditions by detailed measurements of charged hadrons over the widest possible range ofExpand
Uniform and Efficient Access to Data in Organizationally Distributed Environments
A novel solution to the problem of accessing data in organizationally distributed environments, such as Grids and Clouds, in a uniform and efficient manner is presented, called VeilFS. Expand
INDIGO-DataCloud: a Platform to Facilitate Seamless Access to E-Infrastructures
The H2020 project INDIGO-DataCloud has extended existing PaaS solutions, allowing public and private e-infrastructures to integrate their existing services and make them available through AAI services compliant with GEANT interfederation policies, thus guaranteeing transparency and trust in the provisioning of such services. Expand