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A three-stage resilience analysis framework for urban infrastructure systems
Abstract This paper proposes a new multi-stage framework to analyze infrastructure resilience. For each stage, a series of resilience-based improvement strategies are highlighted and appropriateExpand
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Multi-dimensional hurricane resilience assessment of electric power systems
Abstract Electric power systems are critical to economic prosperity, national security, public health and safety. However, in hurricane-prone areas, a severe storm may simultaneously cause extensiveExpand
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Seismic response of critical interdependent networks
During the last decade, critical infrastructure systems such as electric power, water distribution, transportation and telecommunications have been stressed by significant natural hazards and humanExpand
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Who evacuates when hurricanes approach? The role of risk, information, and location.
OBJECTIVE This article offers an expanded perspective on evacuation decision making during severe weather. In particular, this work focuses on uncovering determinants of individual evacuationExpand
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Performance assessment of topologically diverse power systems subjected to hurricane events
We propose a new methodology combining hurricane damage predictions and topological assessment to characterize the impact of hurricanes upon power system reliability. Expand
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Time-dependent resilience assessment and improvement of urban infrastructure systems.
This paper introduces an approach to assess and improve the time-dependent resilience of urban infrastructure systems, where resilience is defined as the systems' ability to resist various possible hazards, absorb the initial damage from hazards, recover to normal operation one or multiple times during a time period T. Expand
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Quantification of Lifeline System Interdependencies after the 27 February 2010 Mw 8.8 Offshore Maule, Chile, Earthquake
Data on lifeline system service restoration is seldom exploited for the calibration of performance prediction models or for response comparisons across systems and events. This study explores utilityExpand
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Surrogate modeling and failure surface visualization for efficient seismic vulnerability assessment of highway bridges
Abstract Seismic response and vulnerability assessment of key infrastructure elements, such as highway bridges, often requires a large number of nonlinear dynamic analyses of complex finite elementExpand
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Interdependent Response of Networked Systems
Continuous functionality of critical infrastructure systems is essential to support the social and economic organization of productive sectors within a country. Electric power, potable water, naturalExpand
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Cascading failures in complex infrastructure systems
This paper studies the effect of cascading failures in the risk and reliability assessment of complex infrastructure systems. Conventional reliability assessment for these systems is limited toExpand
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