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Dipole blockade and quantum information processing in mesoscopic atomic ensembles.
We describe a technique for manipulating quantum information stored in collective states of mesoscopic ensembles. Quantum processing is accomplished by optical excitation into states with strongExpand
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Geometric Manipulation of Trapped Ions for Quantum Computation
We propose an experimentally feasible scheme to achieve quantum computation based solely on geometric manipulations of a quantum system. The desired geometric operations are obtained by driving theExpand
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Density matrix tomography through sequential coherent optical rotations of an exciton qubit in a single quantum dot.
We demonstrate single qubit density matrix tomography in a single semiconductor quantum dot system through consecutive phase sensitive rotations of the qubit via ultrafast coherent opticalExpand
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Quantum communication between atomic ensembles using coherent light.
Protocols for quantum communication between massive particles, such as atoms, are usually based on making use of nonclassical light, and/or superhigh finesse optical cavities are normally needed toExpand
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Squeezing and entanglement of atomic beams.
We propose and analyze a scheme for generating entangled atomic beams out of a Bose-Einstein condensate using spin-exchanging collisions. In particular, we show how to create both atomic squeezedExpand
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