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Microseismic frequency-spectrum evolutionary rule of rockburst triggered by roof fall
Abstract Strong rockburst disaster in deep coal mines is easily triggered by the higher static stress of mining coal seam and the dynamic stress wave disturbance generated by hard and thick roofExpand
A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methodology for rock burst forecasting using microseismic monitoring
Abstract Rock bursts have become one of the most severe risks in underground coal mining and its forecasting is an important component in the safety management. Subsurface microseismic (MS)Expand
Research progress of monitoring, forecasting, and prevention of rockburst in underground coal mining in China
As one of the dynamic disasters of coal mines, rockburst seriously affects underground safe coal mining. Based on the laboratory test, field test, and theoretical analysis, this study proposed theExpand
Application of seismic velocity tomography in underground coal mines: A case study of Yima mining area, Henan, China
Abstract A better understanding of geological structures, stress regimes, and rock burst risks around longwall mining panels can allow for higher extraction efficiency with reduced safety concerns.Expand
Deep-hole directional fracturing of thick hard roof for rockburst prevention
Abstract Thick hard roof in coal mines is usually a significant factor that induces dynamic disasters, such as rockburst. This study introduces a new technology called directional hydraulicExpand
Research progress on electromagnetic radiation in gas-containing coal and rock fracture and its applications
This paper reviews the status quo of the research on electromagnetic radiation in gas-containing coal and rock fracture. It focuses mainly on the electromagnetic radiation phenomena, the generationExpand
In Situ Test Study of Characteristics of Coal Mining Dynamic Load
Combination of coal mining dynamic load and high static stress can easily induce such dynamic disasters as rock burst, coal and gas outburst, roof fall, and water inrush. In order to obtain theExpand
Directional hydraulic fracturing to control hard-roof rockburst in coal mines
Abstract Hard roof is the main factor that induces rock-burst. In view of the present obvious weakness of control measures for hard roof rockburst in domestic collieries, the mechanism and fieldExpand
Latest progress on study of stability control of roadway surrounding rocks subjected to rock burst
Rock burst has caused tremendous hazards in coal mining. Usually, it can cause roof falling suddenly, sometimes even closing and jamming abruptly; so it has become one of the three most difficultExpand