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Phenolics, betacyanins and antioxidant activity in Opuntia joconostle fruits
Sour prickly pears (xoconostles) are fruits from Opuntia joconostle cactus, which are cultivated in the central Mexico area. Phenolic and pigment content in various parts of O. joconostle fruits were
Purification and partial biochemical characterization of polyphenol oxidase from mamey (Pouteria sapota).
Polyphenol oxidase (PPO), the main enzyme responsible for browning was isolated from mamey fruit and characterized biochemically, indicating that the native state of the PPO 1 is a monomer.
Microwave processing of avocado: Volatile flavor profiling and olfactometry
Abstract The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of microwave time, pH and avocado leaves on the volatile profile of avocado using response surface methodology, and aroma extract dilution
Antioxidant, Antinociceptive, and Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Carotenoids Extracted from Dried Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
The results suggest that the carotenoids in dried guajillo peppers have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits and could be useful for pain and inflammation relief.
Preparation and characterization of non-aqueous extracts from chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) and their microencapsulates obtained by spray-drying
Abstract Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and pro-vitamin properties have been attributed to Capsicum based on the carotenoid and polyphenolic compound content. The aim of this study was to obtain and
Comparison Between Antioxidant Activities of Phenolic Extracts from Mexican Peanuts, Peanuts Skins, Nuts and Pistachios
Recently, several works have been done in order to study antioxidant compounds like resveratrol present in oilseeds since they are able to protect from cells damage related to heart disease and
Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Some Commercial Samples of Chilli Peppers from Mexico
Differences explained by geographic origin were found by using infrared spectroscopy and statistical PCA, and this method could be an alternative for identification of chilli species with respect to their geographic origin.
Carotenoid retention in canned pickled jalapeño peppers and carrots as affected by sodium chloride, acetic acid, and pasteurization
The combined effect of salt, acetic acid, and pasteurization temperature on the retention of carotenoids in canned pickted carrots and green Jalapeoo peppers was studied by a central composite
Blanching peppers using microwaves
Enzymatic reactions are not desirable in ripe fruits and vegetables. They cause losses along transportation, storage and processing. Blanching is a pre-treatment operation whose aim is to inactivate
Effect of thermal sterilization on ferulic, coumaric and cinnamic acids: dimerization and antioxidant activity.
Sterilization by thermal processing produced dimers of ferulic and coumaric acid, and the antioxidant activity of these dimers was greater than that of the respective hydroxycinnamic acids.