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Newcastle Disease Virus V Protein Targets Phosphorylated STAT1 to Block IFN-I Signaling
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) V protein is considered as an effector for IFN antagonism, however, the mechanism remains unknown. In this study, the expression of STAT1 and phospho-STAT1 in cellsExpand
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Identification and functional analysis of phosphorylation in Newcastle disease virus phosphoprotein
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) encodes a highly phosphorylated P protein; however, the phosphorylation sites have not been identified, and the relationship between phosphorylation and protein functionExpand
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The Seattle Report on Database Research
This report summarizes the discussion and conclusions of the 9th Seattle meeting of database researchers. Expand
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Editorial: Special Issue on Web Data Quality
We are delighted to present this special issue of the Journal of Data and Information Quality on web data quality. Expand
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Newcastle disease virus induces stable formation of bona fide stress granules to facilitate viral replication through manipulating host protein translation
  • Y. Sun, L. Dong, +11 authors C. Ding
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  • FASEB journal : official publication of the…
  • 1 April 2017
Mammalian cells respond to various environmental stressors to form stress granules (SGs) by arresting cyto‐plasmic mRNA, protein translation element, and RNA binding proteins. Virus‐induced SGsExpand
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Salipaludibacillus keqinensis sp. nov., a moderately halophilic bacterium isolated from a saline–alkaline lake
AbstractA novel Gram-stain positive, short rod, forming sub-terminal endospores of ellipsoidal shape, halophilic, alkaliphilic and aerobic bacterium, designated strain KQ-12T, was isolated from aExpand
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Data Integration and Machine Learning: A Natural Synergy
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Bacillus lacisalsi sp. nov., a moderately haloalkaliphilic bacterium isolated from a saline–alkaline lake
An alkaliphilic and moderately halophilic strain, designated YSP-3T, characterised by optimal growth at pH 9.0 and at 8.0% (w/v) NaCl, was isolated from Yangshapao Lake, Jilin Province, China. CellsExpand
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Draft Genome Sequence of Bacillus sp. Strain YSP-3, a Halophilic, Alkaliphilic Bacterium Isolated from a Salt Lake
The halophilic, alkaliphilic bacterium Bacillus sp. strain YSP-3 was isolated from a salt lake. ABSTRACT The halophilic, alkaliphilic bacterium Bacillus sp. strain YSP-3 was isolated from a saltExpand
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Reliability analysis and stability assessment in optimization design of stage backfilling mining
The reliability analysis of the surface rock movement and the stope stability risk assessment were made for the uncertainty of backfill mechanics parameters and other factors in the optimizationExpand