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Xiamycin, a pentacyclic indolosesquiterpene with selective anti-HIV activity from a bacterial mangrove endophyte.
A novel pentacyclic indolosesquiterpene, named xiamycin (1), and its methyl ester (2) have been obtained from Streptomyces sp. GT2002/1503, an endophyte from the mangrove plant Bruguiera gymnorrhiza.Expand
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T-muurolol sesquiterpenes from the marine Streptomyces sp. M491 and revision of the configuration of previously reported amorphanes.
Two new sesquiterpenes, 15-hydroxy-T-muurolol (3d) and 11,15-dihydroxy-T-muurolol (3e), along with the plant cadinenes T-muurolol (3f) and 3alpha-hydroxy-T-muurolol (3g), were isolated from theExpand
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Bacterial synthesis of diverse indole terpene alkaloids by an unparalleled cyclization sequence.
Indole terpenoids encompass a highly diverse group of natural products, including infamous psychotropic agents such as lysergic acid derivatives, the aphrodisiac yohimbine, and the potassium channelExpand
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A branched extender unit shared between two orthogonal polyketide pathways in an endophyte.
The large polyketide family of natural products impressively demonstrates how nature generates a wealth of diverse and complex compounds from simple building blocks. During the past two decades, aExpand
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Hydrazidomycins, cytotoxic alkylhydrazides from Streptomycesatratus.
Three unusual alkyhydrazide natural products, named hydrazidomycin A (1), B (2) and C (3), were isolated from the chloroform extract of a Streptomycesatratus culture, and their structures wereExpand
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A family of multicyclic indolosesquiterpenes from a bacterial endophyte.
Three novel indolosesquiterpenes, xiamycin B (1b), indosespene (2), and sespenine (3), along with the known xiamycin A (1a) were isolated from the culture broth of Streptomyces sp. HKI0595, aExpand
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Divergolides A-D from a mangrove endophyte reveal an unparalleled plasticity in ansa-macrolide biosynthesis.
Herein we report the isolation, structure elucidation, andbiologicalactivitiesoffournovelansamacrolides,whichpointtoahighly divergentbiosynthetic pathwayin an endophyte ofthe mangrove tree BruguieraExpand
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Rational design of modular polyketide synthases: morphing the aureothin pathway into a luteoreticulin assembly line.
The unusual nitro-substituted polyketides aureothin, neoaureothin (spectinabilin), and luteoreticulin, which are produced by diverse Streptomyces species, point to a joint evolution. Through rationalExpand
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Fatty acid biosynthesis in eukaryotic photosynthetic microalgae: Identification of a microsomal delta 12 desaturase in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are important components of infant and adult nutrition because they serve as structural elements of cell membranes. Fatty acid desaturases are responsible for theExpand
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Bacterial Synthesis of Unusual Sulfonamide and Sulfone Antibiotics by Flavoenzyme-Mediated Sulfur Dioxide Capture.
Sulfa drugs, such as sulfonilamide and dapsone, are classical antibiotics that have been in clinical use worldwide. Despite the relatively simple architectures, practically no natural products areExpand
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