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Heterostructure-barrier-varactor design
In this paper, we propose a simple set of accurate frequency-domain design equations for calculation of optimum embedding impedances, optimum input power, bandwidth, and conversion efficiency ofExpand
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A distributed heterostructure barrier varactor frequency tripler
We present a broadband nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) frequency multiplier at F-band. The multiplier consists of a finline section periodically loaded with 15 heterostructure barrier varactorExpand
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Effects of self-heating on planar heterostructure barrier varactor diodes
The conversion efficiency for planar Al/sub 0.7/GaAs-GaAs heterostructure barrier varactor triplers is shown to be reduced from a theoretical efficiency of 10% to 3% due to self-heating. TheExpand
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Analysis of Symmetric Varactor Frequency Multipliers
We investigate efficiency limitations of frequency multipliers with the use of a simple model for symmetric varactors. Our calculations show that the conversion efficiency is improved for a C(V)Expand
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Design of Material Structures for Heterostructure Barrier Varactors
The Heterostructure Barrier Varactor (HBV), first proposed by Kollberg et al. [1], has a symmetric C-V and an anti-symmetric I-V characteristic. Therefore it will only produce odd harmonics of theExpand
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Frequency multiplier measurements on heterostructure barrier varactors on a copper substrate
We have fabricated heterostructure barrier varactors (HBV) on a copper substrate, which offers reduced spreading resistance, and improved thermal conductivity compared to an InP substrate. TheExpand
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Heterostructure barrier varactors on copper substrate
The authors demonstrate a fabrication process where heterostructure barrier varactor diodes are fabricated on a copper substrate which offers reduced parasitic losses and improved thermalExpand
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Improved Diode Geometry for Planar Heterostructure Barrier Varactors
We report state-of-the-art performance of tripler efficiency and output power for a new design of AlGaAs-based heterostructure barrier varactor diodes. The new diodes were designed for reducedExpand
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A Broadband Frequency Tripler for SIS Receivers
A waveguide circuit has been designed that provides more than 50µW of output power for an input power of 10mW over a frequency range of 250 - 300GHz completely fixed tuned and without the need for bias. Expand
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