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Cytochromes P450 for engineering herbicide tolerance.
In recent years, genome sequencing has revealed that cytochromes P450 (P450s) constitute the largest family of enzymatic proteins in higher plants. P450s are mono-oxygenases that insert one atom ofExpand
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Engineering Herbicide Metabolism in Tobacco and Arabidopsis with CYP76B1, a Cytochrome P450 Enzyme from Jerusalem Artichoke1
The Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) xenobiotic inducible cytochrome P450, CYP76B1, catalyzes rapid oxidative dealkylation of various phenylurea herbicides to yield nonphytotoxicExpand
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5'-Nuclease PCR for quantitative event-specific detection of the genetically modified Mon810 MaisGard maize
Abstract. Genetically modified maize is grown extensively in the world today. MaisGard (Monsanto, Yieldgard in the USA) is a genetically modified maize harbouring the Mon810 transformation event.Expand
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Heavy-metal-responsive genes in maize: identification and comparison of their expression upon various forms of abiotic stress
To identify genes involved in defense against heavy-metal stresses, a cDNA library originating from mercuric chloride-treated maize (Zea mays L. cv. INRA 258) leaves was constructed and analysed byExpand
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Effects of processing steps on the phenolic content and antioxidant activity of beer.
A new analytical method (liquid chromatography-antioxidant, LC-AOx) was used that is intended to separate beer polyphenols and to determine the potential antioxidant activity of these constituentsExpand
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Biological function of bean pathogenesis-related (PR 3 and PR 4) proteins
Abstract Two of the four bean acidic PR proteins (PR 1, PR 2, PR 3 and PR 4), namely PR 3 and PR 4 are acidic chitinases. These two chitinases, localized in the intercellular spaces, share commonExpand
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Abiotic stresses induce a thaumatin-like protein in maize ; cDNA isolation and sequence analysis
The cDNA clone (CHEM4) coding for a stress-induced protein has been isolated from a mercuric chloride-treated maize (Zea mays L.) cDNA library by differential screening. Nucleotide sequence analysisExpand
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Differential expression of bean chitinase genes by virus infection, chemical treatment and UV irradiation
Three chitinases have been shown previously to be induced upon various stresses of bean leaves. Time course studies of mRNA accumulation of two of them (P3- and P4-chitinases) have been studied uponExpand
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Expression of a green tissue-specific 11 kDa proline-rich protein gene in bean in response to heavy metals
Abstract A cDNA clone encoding a proline-rich protein specifically expressed in green tissues of bean has been isolated. This clone contains an open reading frame of 288 nucleotides coding for aExpand
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