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[Campylobacter fetus endocarditis: a case report].
A C. fetus endocarditis is reported in fragilized patients and the prognosis seemstobe improved by a prolonged betalactam antibiotic treatment. Expand
[Does the sickle cell trait (heterozygous carrier status) confer protection against malaria?].
The high frequency of the gene for sickle-cell hemoglobin in malaria-endemic regions is believed to be due to an advantage in surviving malaria. We report the case of a woman with both malaria andExpand
[Severe imported Falciparum malaria treated with artesunate].
A case of severe imported Falciparium malaria who received artesunate is reported, and the different diagnostic methods of malaria as well as the clinico-biological characteristics of severe malaria are rewiew. Expand
[A melanesian smile…].
An asymptomatic Melanesian ovalocytosis in a military 24-years-old man is detected, which is likely to be an ovalo-stomatocytotic disease. Expand