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A Unique Aegilops tauschii Genotype Needless to Immature Embryo Culture in Cross with Wheat
Common or bread wheat ( Triticum aestivum L., AABBDD, 2n=42) originated ca. 8 000 years ago from hybridization of tetraploid wheat ( Triticum turgidum L., AABB, 2n=28) and diploid Aegilops tauschii
Study on the role of Chinese Ae.tauschii in the evolution of Chinese common wheat landraces
It was suggested that Chinese Ae.tauschii did not participate in the evolution procession of Chinese common wheat landraces, as an essential prerequisite for this evolutionary step was that the natural hybrids between tetraploid wheat and diploid Aegilops tauschii could produce relatively many filled-seeds with desirable germination.
A gene encoding a polydnavirus structural polypeptide is not encapsidated.
The data indicate that genes encoding polydnavirus virion proteins may be distributed between wasp and encapsidated viral genomes.
Bacteriophage potential against Vibrio parahaemolyticus biofilms
The results highlight the potential of the three phages for biocontrol of V. parahaemolyticus in the aquaculture industry and as a preventive agent against biofilm formation in production lines.
Amino Acid Substitutions at Positions 122 and 145 of Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antigen (HBsAg) Determine the Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of HBsAg and Influence In Vivo HBsAg Clearance
The biochemical properties of amino acid residues at positions 122 and 145 of HBsAg have a major effect on antigenicity and immunogenicity and the presence of proper anti-HBs antibodies is indispensable for the neutralization and clearance ofHBsAg during HBV infection.
Cloning and expression of a gene encoding a Campoletis sonorensis polydnavirus structural protein.
  • L. Deng, B. Webb
  • Biology, Medicine
    Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology
  • 1999
The data indicate that the p12 gene is a viral gene encoding a virion protein and provides a specific probe for virus replication that will be useful for studying the evolution of this group of mutualistic viruses.
Studies on induced protective resistance in Geranium sylvaticum populations and interactions between pathogenic fungi
The results suggest that P. leveillei induces a short-term resistance, while P. morthieri induces a long- term resistance, which may be one important factor in explaining disease patterns in natural plant populations.
In response to the global climatic change, the climate of Muus desert has been becoming warmer and drier. In this paper, we mainly study the regional differences of climate change within the Muus
Distribution of Chromosomes in Diploid Lophopyrum elongatum
Wheat scab (head blight, FHB), caused by Fusarium graminearum Schwabe, is a worldwide disease. Because of less economic effect by fungicides and other measures, more attention to control wheat scab
Importance of Identification of Waterlogging Tolerance at Early Growing Stages of Peanut in Laboratory to Field Screening
It can be concluded that indoor identification of waterlogging tolerance in laboratory at early stages is an important reference for on-farm test.