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Discovery of frequent DATALOG patterns
We present WARMR, a general purpose inductive logic programming algorithm that addresses frequent query discovery: a very general DATALOG formulation of the frequent pattern discovery problem. Expand
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Mining Association Rules in Multiple Relations
The application of algorithms for efficiently generating association rules is so far restricted to cases where information is put together in a single relation. Expand
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Clausal Discovery
The clausal discovery engine claudien is presented. CLAUDIEN is an inductive logic programming engine that fits in the descriptive data mining paradigm. CLAUDIEN addresses characteristic inductionExpand
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Frequent Pattern Discovery in First-Order Logic
In recent years, the usage and size of databases have grown dramatically, due to a constant decrease in the cost of both the collection and the storage of huge amounts of data. Expand
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Finding Frequent Substructures in Chemical Compounds
We present a knowledge discovery method for structured data, where patterns reflect the one-to-many and many- to-many relationships of several tables, which is vital to the problem of predicting chemical carcinogenicity. Expand
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Improving the Efficiency of Inductive Logic Programming Through the Use of Query Packs
Query packs can be used to improve the efficiency of ILP systems. Expand
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Maximum Entropy Modeling with Clausal Constraints
  • L. Dehaspe
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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  • 17 September 1997
We present the learning system Maccent which addresses the novel task of stochastic MAximum ENTropy modeling with Clausal Constraints. Expand
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Executing Query Packs in ILP
We propose a mechanism for executing a hierarchically structured set of queries (a "query pack") through which a lot of redundancy in the computation is removed. Expand
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Warmr: a data mining tool for chemical data
We present Warmr, the first ILP data mining algorithm to be applied to chemoinformatic data. Expand
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Presymptomatic Identification of Cancers in Pregnant Women During Noninvasive Prenatal Testing.
IMPORTANCE Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) for fetal aneuploidy by scanning cell-free fetal DNA in maternal plasma is rapidly becoming a major prenatal genetic test. Similar to placental DNA,Expand
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