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Solitons and the Inverse Scattering Transform
Dispersion and nonlinearity play a fundamental role in wave motions in nature. The nonlinear shallow water equations that neglect dispersion altogether lead to breaking phenomena of the typicalExpand
Introduction to the Theory and Application of the Laplace Transformation
  • L. Debnath
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and…
  • 1 June 1974
Integral Transforms and Their Applications
INTEGRAL TRANSFORMS Brief Historical Introduction Basic Concepts and Definitions FOURIER TRANSFORMS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS Introduction The Fourier Integral Formulas Definition of the FourierExpand
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers
Partial differential equations (PDEs) originated from the study of geometrical surfaces and a wide variety of problems in mechanics. Since till today they are essential in modeling of naturalExpand
Convergence of Ishikawa Iterates of Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings
Abstract This paper deals with a necessary and sufficient condition for the convergence of Ishikawa iterates of quasi-nonexpansive mapping in a Banach space. The convergence of Ishikawa iterates forExpand
Introduction to Hilbert spaces with applications
Normed Vector Spaces The Lebesgue Integral Hilbert Spaces and Orthonormal Systems Linear Operators on Hilbert Spaces Applications: Applications to Integral and Differential Equations GeneralizedExpand
Tables of Integral Transforms
In this chapter, we provide a set of short tables of integral transforms of the functions that are either cited in the text or are in most common use in mathematical, physical, and engineeringExpand
Nonlinear Water Waves
Basic Equations of Motion of Inviscid and Viscous Fluids. The Theory of Surface Waves on Water. Transient Wave Motions in an Inviscid Fluid. Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves and Solitons. Ship Waves andExpand
This paper deals with recent applications of fractional calculus to dynamical systems in control theory, electrical circuits with fractance, generalized voltage divider, viscoelasticity, Expand