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Reproductive Biology of Coelomactra antiquata
The results show that Coelomactra antiquata require a full year to reach se\|xual maturity. Expand
Neuroprotective effects of Naoshenkang capsule against anoxia-reoxygenation injury on cultured rat hippocampal neurons
Naoshenkang capsule has a protective effect on hippocampal neurons against anoxia-reoxygenation injury, and its mechanism may be that the Chinese Medicine can increase the antioxidative activities of neurons, regulate associated protein of apoptosis and inhibit the apoptosis. Expand
Localization of Human β~E-globin Gene in Chromosomes of Transgenic Mice by Fluorescence in situ Hybridization
Human β E globin gene was integrated into the chromosomes of transgenic mice in a random pattern and the results demonstrated that FISH can be used to investigate the integration site of foreign genes intransgenic mice. Expand
Antitumor Effects of Ampelopsin
Ampelopsin appears to be a potent anti tumor agent that was firstly discovered in the in vivo transplant B16 mouse melanoma and the in vitro human nasopharyngeal carcinoma HK 1 cell and mammary cancer MCF 7 cell. Expand
Effects of Brassinolid on Chilling-Resistance in Banana Seedlings
The banana seedlings were treated with brassinolid(BR) of different concentrations under the cold-stressed condition.Comparing to the control,the treatment with certain concentration may obviousExpand
Effects of Lanthanum Ion and Its Complexes on Permeability of Pollen Plasmalemma and Pollen Germination
Effect of La 3+ and its complexes on permeability of pollen plasmalemma and pollen germination were studied. La(NO 3) 3 in the range of 1×10 -7 ~ 1×10 -4 mol·L -1 obviously inhibits the permeabilityExpand
Determination of plant growth hormones in earthworm casts by high performance liquid chromatography
A HPLC method was developed for determination of gibberellin(GA 3) and 3 indole acetic acid(IAA) in earthworm casts. The pre separation and purification procedures for hte samples were simplified.Expand
The Litter Characteristics of Calamagrostis angustifolia and Its Early-stage Decomposition Affected by Exogenous Nitrogen Input in Freshwater Marsh
To discuss the effects of exogenous nitrogen input on characteristics and decomposition of litter in wetland.The qualities of Calamagrostis angustifolia grown in natural(CK)and nitrogen inputs [24Expand
Diversity and stability analyses of arthropod community in litchi-herbage complex system
The BergerParker index of dominance, Simpson index of dominant concentration, and Shannon-Wiener diversity index were used to analyze the arthropod community and the same conclusion could be drawn upon using all three indices that the ar Anthropod community in the complex system should be more stable. Expand
Occurrence of Natural Chestnut Population of Cryphonectria Paristtics
It was found that incidence of Cryphonectria paristtics in China decreased gradually from north to south by field survey and genetic variability of 2 national chestnut populations of diseasedness and non diseasedNESS were investigated using isoelectric focusing in thin layer polyarcylamide slab gels. Expand