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The ice-water test in the diagnosis and treatment of the neurogenic bladder.
Because it is simple to perform, the ice-water test is a useful complement to urodynamic examinations in patients with neurological bladder disease and in Patients with micturitional disorders that are otherwise difficult to interpret. Expand
Urethroplasty in recurrent urethral diverticula in neurological patients: long‐term results using a personal technique
The results were encouraging, in particular the absence of recurrences after 2–3 years, and the continued using this single-stage technique in all cases of recurrent urethral diverticulum in patients with spinal cord lesions, and reported the long-term results in these patients. Expand
[Use of pirenzepine in prevention of stress ulcers in high-risk surgical patients].
The gastric and duodenal cyto-protective effect and the better post-operative clinical course, when pirenzepine was administered by parenteral infusion were obtained. Expand
Transposing the urethral meatus in the treatment of recurrent and postcoital cystitis in women with hypospadias
The results of treating recurrent cystitis in women with hypospadias by meatal transposition are reported, which indicates that the former is a more effective treatment than the latter. Expand
Lack of gastric adverse effects of erdosteine in rats and men.
15 human beings, undergoing gastroscopy, well tolerated erdosteine at the oral dose of 300 mg TID for 9-13 days, neither revealed worsening of their pre-existing gastric complains, nor indicated new subjective symptoms, nor manifested macroscopic and histological alterations concerning the parietal tonus, the status of epithelial mucosa and of gastric content. Expand
Leiomyoma of the female urethra.
The Authors reported a case of leiomyoma of the urethra in a 31-years old woman. Differential diagnosis, surgical treatment and prognosis were discussed.
Valsalva leak point pressure: how to chose the best method.
The aim of the work is to describe the reasons why the authors have been led to prefer double measurement, both at partial filling and at maximum cystometric capacity, considering that this does not involve any additional economic burden. Expand
[Inguinal-scrotal hernia of a bladder diverticulum].
Three patients with scrotal herniation of bladder diverticulum have had the diagnosis before undergoing hernia repair--so iatrogenic lesions of the bladder during surgical manipulations could be avoided. Expand
[Therapy of vasomotor syndrome in the treatment of advanced prostatic cancer: apropos of 37 cases].
Treatment with progestinic agents leads to the release of opioid peptides at hypothalamic level, thus decreasing the level of catecholamines responsible for the vasomotor syndrome, and a therapeutic efficacy of 80% was observed following cyproter one acetate and of 70% following medroxyprogesterone acetate. Expand