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Of Polls and Race Prejudice
This article offers a collaborative review of the article “The Indian Wars”from the March 4, 2002, issue of Sports Illustrated that purported to present novel scientific findings regarding theExpand
Protest Against The Use of Native American Mascots: a Challenge to Traditional American Identity
This paper is focused on discourse associated with the recent social movement to eliminate the use of Native American mascots in the United States. The researcher analyzed the recent Super Bowl andExpand
The Problems with Native American Mascots.
Fixing the Boundaries of Physical Gender: Side Effects of Anti-Drug Campaigns in Athletics
Over 40 anti-drug campaign media texts, including posters, videotapes, and brochures, served as data for this study. These texts were systematically analyzed and many prevalent themes were identifiedExpand
Racial Diversity in Higher Education
Many colleges and universities purport to desire racial diversity, yet few make considerable progress in this regard. Why are some schools much more successful than others? This author comparedExpand
Mental health of adolescents with currently and formerly incarcerated parents.
Results indicate that adolescents with incarcerated parents are at elevated risk for mental health problems, and strong parent-child relationships partially buffer children from risk, underscore the need for more investment in effective early interventions for adolescents in highly adverse contexts. Expand
The Articulation of Difference: White Preoccupation with the Question of Racially Linked Genetic Differences among Athletes
This paper focuses on the contemporary white public and scientific preoccupation with the question of racially linked genetic differences between black and white male athletes. It is argued that theExpand
Family adjustment of deployed and non-deployed mothers in families with a parent deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.
Almost nothing is known about the family and individual adjustment of military mothers who have deployed to the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan (Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, and OperationExpand
Parenting Practices and Emotion Regulation in National Guard and Reserve Families: Early Findings from the After Deployment Adaptive Parenting Tools/ADAPT Study
While a caregiver’s military status per se is not a risk factor for children’s adjustment, deployment is a significant family stressor, which places children at risk for behavior and emotionalExpand