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Classical Probability in the Enlightenment
What did it mean to be reasonable in the Age of Reason? Classical probabilists from Jakob Bernouli through Pierre Simon Laplace intended their theory as an answer to this question--as "nothing more
Objectivity and the Escape from Perspective
Scientific objectivity is neither monolithic nor immutable: our current usage is compounded of several meanings - metaphysical, methodological and moral - and each meaning has a distinct history, as
The anti-crisis
The Moral Economy of Science
L'A. extrapole et clarifie les implications et les contributions d'une economie morale en science, qui constitue un systeme logique de forces emotionnelles
Wonders and the Order of Nature, 1150-1750
Part 1 The topography of wonder: marvels on the margins wonders of creation prodigious individuals and marvellous kinds wonder and belief. Part 2 The properties of things: collecting wonders
Science Studies and the History of Science
Introduction: Hard-hearted Adamant The current relation between science studies and the history of science brings to mind the opening scenes of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (or, minus the fairies, the