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Petrolog3: Integrated software for modeling crystallization processes
This paper introduces Petrolog3, software for modeling (1) fractional and equilibrium crystallization, (2) reverse fractional crystallization at variable pressure, melt oxidation state and melt H2OExpand
The amount of recycled crust in sources of mantle-derived melts.
Olivine phenocrysts' compositions record differences in the contributions of pyroxenite-derived melts in mid-ocean ridge basalts, which imply involvement of 2 to 20% (up to 28%) of recycled crust in mantle melting. Expand
The effect of small amounts of H2O on crystallisation of mid-ocean ridge and backarc basin magmas
The main effects of H2O on crystallisation of basaltic liquids are to decrease melt liquidus temperature and to suppress plagioclase crystallisation relative to olivine and clinopyroxene. AlthoughExpand
Experimental and petrological studies of melt inclusions in phenocrysts from mantle-derived magmas: an overview of techniques, advantages and complications
Melt inclusions in phenocrysts are a potentially powerful tool in petrological research that can provide the only direct information available on the physical parameters (P, T and melt composition)Expand
Trace and minor elements in sphalerite: A LA-ICPMS study
Sphalerite is an important host mineral for a wide range of minor and trace elements. We have used laser-ablation inductively Coupled mass spectroscopy (LA-ICPMS) techniques to investigate theExpand
Re-equilibration of melt inclusions trapped by magnesian olivine phenocrysts from subduction-related magmas: petrological implications
Abstract We describe and model a potential re-equilibration process that can affect compositions of melt inclusions in magnesian olivine phenocrysts. This process, referred to as “Fe-loss”, canExpand
Gold and Trace Element Zonation in Pyrite Using a Laser Imaging Technique: Implications for the Timing of Gold in Orogenic and Carlin-Style Sediment-Hosted Deposits
Laser ablation ICP-MS imaging of gold and other trace elements in pyrite from four different sedimenthosted gold-arsenic deposits has revealed two distinct episodes of gold enrichment in eachExpand
MPI-DING reference glasses for in situ microanalysis: New reference values for element concentrations and isotope ratios
We present new analytical data of major and trace elements for the geological MPI-DING glasses KL2-G, ML3B-G, StHs6/80-G, GOR128-G, GOR132-G, BM90/21-G, T1-G, and ATHO-G. Different analytical methodsExpand
Multistage sedimentary and metamorphic origin of pyrite and gold in the giant Sukhoi Log deposit, Lena gold province, Russia
Gold mineralization at Sukhoi Log in eastern Siberia is hosted in a deformed Neoproterozoic organic-bearing and pyritic black shale and siltstone sequence that is folded into a tight overturnedExpand
H2O Abundance in Depleted to Moderately Enriched Mid-ocean Ridge Magmas; Part I: Incompatible Behaviour, Implications for Mantle Storage, and Origin of Regional Variations
The H2O contents and trace-element abundances are presented for two well-studied suites of mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) glasses from the Northern East Pacific Rise (EPR, 9-11°N) and the South EastExpand