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School Experiences of Adolescents With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
It is suggested that teachers of adolescents with ADHD know about the nature of the disorder, understand that students’ difficulties with organization and academic performance are not typically intentional, use evidence-based interventions to support students, and provide the monitoring and scaffolding needed for academic achievement.
The determinants of low-intensity intergroup violence
What accounts for low-intensity intergroup violence? This article explores the determinants of low-intensity sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, which has marked the post-1998 peace agreement
Brexit and Territorial Preferences: Evidence from Scotland and Northern Ireland
Has the UK referendum to leave the EU (Brexit) affected territorial preferences within the UK? We draw on comparative theories of such preferences to address this question, as Brexit can be seen as
How and When Amnesty during Conflict Affects Conflict Termination
In the difficult process of ending civil wars, granting amnesty during conflict is seen as a useful option, with an underpinning assumption that trading justice for peace is effective. However, is
Athletes’ views on care in coaching: Perspectives of women footballers in the U.K.
In recent times, researchers have argued that coaches should develop relationships that are caring and meet the needs of athletes. Yet, the views of athletes themselves are notably absent from this
The International Criminal Court and the Rebels’ Commitment Problem
  • L. Daniels
  • Political Science
    Civil Wars
  • 2 October 2018
ABSTRACT This article argues against the common view that the International Criminal Court (ICC) prevents peace since rebels will not accept accountability. In the presence of an international
Buying peace: amnesty as a tool in ending civil wars
This thesis examines the use of amnesty as a tool for ending civil wars. The thesis is innovative in its focus on amnesties during civil wars and their impact on conflict termination. I examine the
Segregation and the Onset of Civil War
The ethnic characteristics of a country have long been considered a factor in the onset of civil war. This has been extensively studied using indices of ethnic fractionalization (how many different
Stick Then Carrot: When Do Governments Give Amnesty during Civil War?
Governments grant amnesties to rebel groups during civil wars and this is a puzzle. Why would the government offer an amnesty, which can be interpreted as a signal of weakness? In certain