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Stability of pyridoxal-5-phosphate semicarbazone: applications in plasma vitamin B6 analysis and population surveys of vitamin B6 nutritional status.
The determination of pyridoxal-5-phosphate (PLP) and pyridoxal (PL) in plasma requires the availability of dark room facilities, due to the photosensitivity of these vitamin B6 vitamers. The factExpand
Vitamin B6 revisited. Evidence of subclinical deficiencies in various segments of the population and possible consequences thereof.
The importance of vitamin B6 in human nutrition is discussed with special reference to the possibility of undetected long-term subclinical deficiencies in the population at large. It is well knownExpand
Plasma pyridoxal-5-phosphate level as risk index for coronary artery disease.
Preliminary evidence is presented that plasma pyridoxal-5-phosphate levels are considerably and significantly reduced (P less than 0.0001) in patients suffering from myocardial infarction whenExpand
Depressed plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate levels in tobacco-smoking men.
Tobacco-smoking men (n = 106) showed considerably lower plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate levels (P less than 0.001) than non-smoking controls (n = 143). A previously reported inverse relationshipExpand
Determination of urinary 4-pyridoxic acid levels as 4-pyridoxic acid lactone using high-performance liquid chromatography.
A high-performance liquid chromatography method for quantitation of urinary 4-pyridoxic acid excretion is presented. Urine samples were treated with HCl to form 4-pyridoxic acid lactone. Acid-treatedExpand
Antibody response in children with protein malnutrition.
Effect of different levels of oral pyridoxine supplementation on plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate and pyridoxal levels and urinary vitamin B-6 excretion.
Plasma pyridoxal-5'-phosphate and pyridoxal levels increased significantly (p less than 0.05) when single, oral bolus doses of pyridoxine were increased from 10 to 25 and from 25 to 50 mg in nineExpand
Further evidence on the effect of vitamin E on the cholesterol distribution in lipoproteins with special reference to HDL subfractions.
Earlier claims that oral administration of alpha-tocopherol results in significant and considerable increase in the serum total HDL concentration could not be substantiated. The present investigationExpand