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Raman spectra of carotenoids in natural products.
Resonance Raman spectra of naturally occurring carotenoids have been obtained from nautilus, periwinkle (Littorina littorea) and clam shells under 514.5 nm excitation and these spectra are comparedExpand
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A quantitative assessment of genetic erosion in ipecac (Psychotria ipecacuanha)
In this study, we present a methodology by which the threat of genetic erosion to a wild plant species growing in a given geographic region can be assessed in a quantitative manner. Evaluation ofExpand
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FT-Raman and chemometric tools for rapid determination of quality parameters in milk powder: Classification of samples for the presence of lactose and fraud detection by addition of maltodextrin.
FT-Raman spectroscopy has been explored as a quick screening method to evaluate the presence of lactose and identify milk powder samples adulterated with maltodextrin (2.5-50% w/w). RamanExpand
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Surface characterization of feldspathic ceramic using ATR FT-IR and ellipsometry after various silanization protocols.
OBJECTIVES This study characterized the feldspathic ceramic surfaces after various silanization protocols. METHODS Ceramic bars (2 mm × 4 mm × 10 mm) (N = 18) of feldpathic ceramic (VM7, VITAExpand
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Carotenoids and β-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes: Raman spectroscopy and theoretical investigation.
In the present study, the inclusion processes of β-carotene, astaxanthin, lycopene, and norbixin (NOR) into the β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) cavity were investigated by means of Raman spectroscopy andExpand
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Spectroscopic investigation of a new hybrid glass formed by the interaction between croconate ion and calcium polyphosphate.
In this work, a new organic-inorganic hybrid material has been synthesized by the incorporation of croconate ion into a calcium polyphosphate coacervate. The hybrid so obtained was characterized byExpand
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Effects of probiotic therapy on metabolic and inflammatory parameters of rats with ligature-induced periodontitis associated with restraint stress.
BACKGROUND This study evaluates the effects of probiotic therapy (PT) in rats with ligature-induced periodontitis associated with restraint stress. METHODS Sixty-four rats were divided intoExpand
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Raman spectroscopic analysis of dragon's blood resins-basis for distinguishing between Dracaena(Convallariaceae), Daemonorops(Palmae) and Croton(Euphorbiaceae).
"Dragon[prime or minute]s blood" is the name applied to the deep-red coloured resin obtained from various plants. The original source in Roman times, used by many cultures and esteemed for its depthExpand
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Caput mortuum: spectroscopic and structural studies of an ancient pigment.
The use of a pigment variously described as caput mortuum, usta or ostrum to provide a deep purple colour in ancient wall-paintings was highly prized, despite the technical difficulties associatedExpand
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Identification of Shell Colour Pigments in Marine Snails Clanculus pharaonius and C. margaritarius (Trochoidea; Gastropoda)
Colour and pattern are key traits with important roles in camouflage, warning and attraction. Ideally, in order to begin to understand the evolution and ecology of colour in nature, it is importantExpand
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