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The potential of urban rainfall monitoring with crowdsourced automatic weather stations in Amsterdam
Abstract. The high density of built-up areas and resulting imperviousness of the land surface makes urban areas vulnerable to extreme rainfall, which can lead to considerable damage. In order toExpand
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Rainfall Estimation Accuracy of a Nationwide Instantaneously Sampling Commercial Microwave Link Network: Error Dependency on Known Characteristics
AbstractCommercial microwave links are installed and maintained for the purpose of telecommunication. Hydrometeors between transmitting and receiving antennas cause the microwave signal to be atten...
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Quality Control for Crowdsourced Personal Weather Stations to Enable Operational Rainfall Monitoring
Automatic personal weather stations owned and maintained by weather enthusiasts provide spatially dense in situ measurements that are often collected and visualized in real time on online weatherExpand
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Hydrometeorological Monitoring Using Opportunistic Sensing Networks in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
AbstractThe ongoing urbanization and climate change urges further understanding and monitoring of weather in cities. Two case studies during a 17-day period over the Amsterdam metropolitan area, th...
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Formulation of transport in a catchment-scale conceptual model
Standard conceptual hydrological models can rarely accommodate stream tracer dynamics at the catchmentscale. They rely on the generation of runoff through the propagation of a pressure wave and doExpand
High‐Resolution Simulation Study Exploring the Potential of Radars, Crowdsourced Personal Weather Stations, and Commercial Microwave Links to Monitor Small‐Scale Urban Rainfall
Many applications in urban areas require high-resolution rainfall measurements. Typical operational weather radars can provide rainfall intensities at 1-km2 grid cells every 5 min. OpportunisticExpand
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