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Production of laccase, manganese peroxidase and lignin peroxidase by Brazilian marine-derived fungi
Abstract Marine-derived fungi are a potential for the search of new compounds with relevant features. Among these, the ligninolytic enzymes have potential applications in a large number of fields,Expand
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Selection of thermophilic and thermotolerant fungi for the production of cellulases and xylanases under solid-state fermentation
Twenty-seven thermophilic and thermotolerant fungal strains were isolated from soil, decaying organic matter and sugarcane piles based on their ability to grow at 45°C on medium containing corn strawExpand
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Microbial diversity associated with algae, ascidians and sponges from the north coast of São Paulo state, Brazil.
Little is known about the microbial diversity associated with marine macroorganisms, despite the vital role microorganisms may play in marine ecosystems. The aim of the present study was toExpand
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Optimization of medium composition for transglutaminase production by a Brazilian soil Streptomyces sp.
Finding a new microbial source of transglutaminase (MTGase) and the study of the medium composition for MTGase production were the goals of this work. Expand
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Filamentous fungi from the Atlantic marine sponge Dragmacidon reticulatum
Dragmacidon reticulatum is a marine sponge of wide occurrence in the Eastern and Western Atlantic. Little is known about D. reticulatum fungal diversity. Filamentous fungi recovered from D.Expand
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Bacterial diversity characterization in petroleum samples from Brazilian reservoirs
This study aimed at evaluating potential differences among the bacterial communities from formation water and oil samples originated from biodegraded and non-biodegraded Brazilian petroleumExpand
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Marine-derived fungi: diversity of enzymes and biotechnological applications
The ocean is considered to be a great reservoir of biodiversity. Microbial communities in marine environments are ecologically relevant as intermediaries of energy, and play an important role inExpand
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Analysis of the composition of bacterial communities in oil reservoirs from a southern offshore Brazilian basin
The aim of this study was to characterize and compare the bacterial community structure of two distinct oil samples from a petroleum field in Brazil by using both molecular, based on the constructionExpand
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Molecular characterization and antimicrobial activity of endophytic fungi from coffee plants
Endophytic filamentous fungi from coffee plants (Coffea arabica and C. robusta) deposited in the Brazilian Collection of Environmental and Industrial Microorganisms (CBMAI) were characterizedExpand
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Taxonomic assessment and enzymes production by yeasts isolated from marine and terrestrial Antarctic samples
The aim of the present study was to investigate the taxonomic identity of yeasts isolated from the Antarctic continent and to evaluate their ability to produce enzymes (lipase, protease and xylanase)Expand
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