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Synergism between plant extract and antimicrobial drugs used on Staphylococcus aureus diseases.
Searches for substances with antimicrobial activity are frequent, and medicinal plants have been considered interesting by some researchers since they are frequently used in popular medicine asExpand
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Medicinal plants popularly used in the Brazilian Tropical Atlantic Forest.
A survey of medicinal plants used by rural and urban inhabitants of the three cities of the Tropical Atlantic Forest, Region of Vale do Ribeira, State of São Paulo, Brazil was performed by means ofExpand
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Clinal patterns of human Y chromosomal diversity in continental Italy and Greece are dominated by drift and founder effects.
We explored the spatial distribution of human Y chromosomal diversity on a microgeographic scale, by typing 30 population samples from closely spaced locations in Italy and Greece for 9 haplogroupsExpand
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Screening in mice of some medicinal plants used for analgesic purposes in the state of São Paulo.
Twelve medicinal plants used popularly for their reputed analgesic properties were tested in mice by the writhing and tail-flick methods. All extractions were made using 50% aqueous ethanol at lowExpand
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Preventative Effects of Lactulose in the Trinitrobenzenesulphonic Acid Model of Rat Colitis
Aims: Lactulose is a drug used as a laxative that has been shown to promote the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, acting as a prebiotic and with a potential beneficial effect in inflammatoryExpand
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Antioxidative action of methanolic extract and buthanolic fraction of Vochysia tucanorum Mart. in the gastroprotection.
AIM OF THE STUDY Vochysia tucanorum is an important medicinal plant used in the Cerrado of Brazil against gastric disorders and this study reveals the pharmacological action of this traditionalExpand
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Gastroprotective effect of Cissus sicyoides (Vitaceae): involvement of microcirculation, endogenous sulfhydryls and nitric oxide.
AIM OF THE STUDY Cissus sicyoides L. is a medicinal plant popularly known in Brazil against various diseases and the research interest in this plant is justifiable because of its potential medicinalExpand
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Dietary polydextrose prevents inflammatory bowel disease in trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid model of rat colitis.
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a multifactorial intestinal disorder that involves interactions among the immune system, genetic susceptibility, and environmental factors, especially theExpand
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Antioxidant and intestinal anti-inflammatory effects of plant-derived coumarin derivatives.
BACKGROUND Coumarins, also known as benzopyrones, are plant-derived products with several pharmacological properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Based on the wideExpand
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Intestinal anti-inflammatory activity of esculetin and 4-methylesculetin in the trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid model of rat colitis.
Coumarins comprise a broad class of phenolic compounds that influences the formation and scavenging of reactive oxygen species and the processes involving free radical-mediated injury. In light ofExpand
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