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The “polyploid effect” in the breeding of aromatic and medicinal species
The aim of this paper is to examine the state-of-the-art concerning the application of polyploidization techniques as a breeding tool and its effects on the phenotypical, biochemical and genetic characteristics in some medicinal aromatic plant species to explore the current knowledge of the possible mechanisms involved. Expand
Antifungal activity of Parastrephia quadrangularis (Meyen) Cabrera extracts against Fusarium verticillioides
The aim of the present study was to describe the antifungal activity of extracts of Parastrephia quadrangularis, a species from northern Argentina, against Fusarium verticillioides M7075. Expand
In Vitro Antifungal Activity of Peltophorum dubium (Spreng.) Taub. extracts against Aspergillus flavus
The antifungal activity of extracts of Peltophorum dubium, a species from northern Argentina (Oriental Chaco), against A. flavus is described and hyphae treated with the extracts stained blue with Evans blue showed alterations in the membrane and/or cell wall, allowing the dye income. Expand