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The influence of highway construction on the macroinvertebrates and epilithic algae of a high mountain stream
The response of a high elevation Rocky Mountain stream to highway construction activities was investigated over a three-year period during the ice-free season. Suspended solids and the proportion ofExpand
Penetration of Seven Common Flexible Packaging Materials by Larvae and Adults of Eleven Species of Stored-Product Insects
The ability of larvae to penetrate flexible packaging materials was determined for large and small larvae of 11 species of stored-product insects and foil, polyester, and polypropylene were generally the most resistant to penetration. Expand
Seasonal flight activity and seasonal abundance of selected stored-product Coleoptera around grain storages in South Carolina.
This study shows that many stored· pl"Oduct insects are active year-round in South Carolina, and that gl"uin may be subjeclto infestation year·round. Expand
The macroinvertebrates and fish of a Colorado stream during a period of fluctuating discharge
The collector-gatherer functional feeding group was abundant only during the normal flow year, whereas shredders and predators exhibited increased relative abundance during low flow. Expand
The Colorado River system
The American Southwest has long captured the awe of wayfarers, struck by the apparent hostility of its eroded wastelands. The area contains the Mohave and Sonoran deserts and on centre stage is theExpand
Seasonal abundance of Sitophilus zeamais and S. aryzae outside grain bins was monitored during 1986-88 with com-filled bait packets at three grain storage sites in southern South Carolina and results indicate that grain is susceptible to infestation by Sitphilus spp. Expand
Survival, Reproduction, and Development of Seven Species of Stored-product Insects on the Various Food Components of Lightweight, High-density, Prototype Military Rations
Exposure to air and humidity did not seem to alter the physical appearance of most foods, and the moisture content of most food as measured by gain or lossof weight usually changed <10%. Expand
Protecting uninfested packages from attack by Cadra cautella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) with the parasitic wasp Venturia canescens (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae)
Numbers of almond moths, Cadra cautella, infesting small kraftpaper bags in 44.7-m3 rooms with and without the hymenopterous parasite Venturia canescens were determined; benefits of making the bags insect-tight were obvious. Expand
Clinging and Climbing Ability of Adults of Several Stored-Product Beetles on Flexible Packaging Materials
Adults of Oryzaephilus mercator, O. surinamensis, Cathartus quadricollis, Lasioderma serricorne, and Sitophilus oryzae, species of beetles that are common pests of stored products, were able to climb 7 polymer films, glass, aluminum foil, and paper at the greatest angle of incline. Expand