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Neoproterozoic continental arc magmatism in west-central Madagascar
Published geologic maps, regional geological relations, and new U-Pb ages for intrusive igneous rocks in west-central Madagascar define a 450-km-long belt of rocks emplaced in middle NeoproterozoicExpand
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Crustal evolution and the temporality of anorthosites
Abstract Types of rock, such as komatiite, which formed entirely or dominantly during restricted time periods in solar system history, are important indicators of how planetary bodies evolved in deepExpand
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Palaeoposition of the Seychelles microcontinent in relation to the Deccan Traps and the Plume Generation Zone in Late Cretaceous-Early Palaeogene time
Abstract The Early Palaeogene magmatic rocks of North and Silhouette Islands in the Seychelles contain clues to the Cenozoic geodynamic puzzle of the Indian Ocean, but have so far lacked preciseExpand
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A granite–gabbro complex from Madagascar: constraints on melting of the lower crust
The Ranomandry Complex is a Neoproterozoic, nested intrusion from central Madagascar composed of a gabbroic core within a coeval peraluminous granite ring intruding pelitic metasediments. AlthoughExpand
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Initiating intermediate-depth earthquakes: Insights from a HP-LT ophiolite from Corsica
Abstract The hypocentres of intermediate-depth earthquakes have been shown to overlap with the regions in subducting slabs that contain high abundances of hydrous minerals. This relationship wasExpand
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Discovery of a 25-cm asteroid clast in the giant Morokweng impact crater, South Africa
Meteorites provide a sample of Solar System bodies and so constrain the types of objects that have collided with Earth over time. Meteorites analysed to date, however, are unlikely to beExpand
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Rare-earth-element geochemistry of anorthosite and related rocks from the Adirondacks, New York, and other massif-type complexes: Summary
INTRODUCTION Massif-type anorthosite complexes, typified by the Adirondack Mardy massif (Fig. 1) consist predominantly of large masses of pure or nearly pure plagioclase rocks (>90% An 40–65 ), withExpand
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Isotopic evidence from the eastern Canadian shield for geochemical discontinuity in the Proterozoic mantle
Most workers agree that Proterozoic anorthosite massifs represent the crystallization products of mantle-derived magmas1,2, although the composition of the parental melts is a major unsolvedExpand
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Chapter 8 Archean Anorthosites
Publisher Summary Anorthosite forms a minor but prominent component of Archean crust and can be found associated with mafic intrusives and extrusives of many (but not all) greenstone belts. TheseExpand
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Fluid inclusions in high-grade gneisses of the Kapuskasing structural zone, Ontario: metamorphic fluids and uplift/erosion path
Fluid inclusions in quartz grains from five samples of high-grade rocks (two paragneisses, an amphibolite, a mafic gneiss and a tonalite dike) from the 2.7 Ga Kapuskasing structural zone (KSZ),Expand
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